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Hertz Drums WHITE Pack

Are you all about metal? Or just feeling that your music lacks tightness in the drum department?

Whatever your style is, WHITE Pack Library will glue your whole mix together, making it sound solid and convincingly tight.

Basic tom shells in this drum kit were sampled from the famous American maple DW collectors set.

Balanced highs and mids with a bit of warmth to the lows – Hertz Drums WHITE Pack is WHAT YOUR MIX DESERVES!

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Hertz Drums Standard

Listen to the sound

Let's get to know each other better

The idea for a completely new audio plug-in was born during Alex's recording session with Wojtek and Sławek at Hertz Studio. We decided to combine our vast experience in the music industry and Alex's in-depth technical knowledge to create an all-in-one drum programming solution that became known as Hertz Drums.

All drum sounds, samples and rhythms have been meticulously developed in Hertz Studio to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding users.